Residence In Eliot

It’s not exactly uncommon for parents to encourage their children to leave the nest and explore the world while still hoping they will always want to return home one day.

This family was tethering off their youngest, a highschooler, at the start of the project. The older three had all gone off to study and begin their lives as young adults.

However, not to be without consideration, one of the first items of design business was to make sure this home would accommodate everyone and their significant others throughout the year and over holidays. This was not an exercise in downsizing as much as it was one it making room for it all over again, but for adults, and the anticipation of an extended family.

The lot itself was a driving force. The home was sited on the first plateau of a hilly, wooded landscape; its back against the next rise. The clearing it overlooked was a grassy, southern expanse – a proper place for a sledhill and likely the location where a homemade ski jump would eventually appear.

The house was nestled into the burm with retaining walls made of indigenous stone, allowing a lower level to be concealed from view and the sculpted landscaping to appear natural. The open living spaces on the main floor overlooked the sunny expanse, including exterior decks and a firepit patio while the rear of the home, tucked into the hills shaded nooks created a moodier, quiet atmosphere for enduring the longer days of summer heat.

The parents would live soley on this main floor. The upstairs featured bedrooms unique to each child and space for those who may accompany them someday, as well as a flexible reading room whose use could expand to function as a bunkroom when necessary. Bathroom numbers remained modest, but the rooms were spacious and compartmentalized to allow for multipe users at one time. This second floor was also designed to be fully closed off and heated down when not hosting visitors.

A series of outbuildings were designed to embrace outdoor rooms, a fish pond, basketball court, gardens, and pool area were all designed as part of the master plan. No detail was overlooked or discussion missed to ensure the project appeared native to the site and its unique features.

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