SOMMA Studios was very involved in the planning process of COVE. In fact, we’re now a resident of the facility! At the outset, we wanted to create a co-working environment that was modern and chique while also incorporating elements of Portsmouth, New Hampshire and it’s rich history. No small task.

We wanted to rethink the way a community work environment functions, flows, and inspires – a workspace that adapts and is customizable to it’s residents’ needs, while also being an innovative marvel from a architectural design standpoint. We wanted people to walk by and stop to take a peek in the windows because their curiosity was such that they just had to figure out what was going on inside. By bridging the gap between a clean, corporate underpinning and a more contemporary, communal resourcefulness, COVE was intentionally designed to provide a vibrant, professional, and engaging workspace to incite inspiration and productivity. The whole facility from the moment you walk in – the front desk, signage, furniture, communal kitchen area and mailroom, the meeting rooms, the offices, the bullpen area, the art and overall design – is really something you have to experience firsthand. It’s elegant in its attention to detail, while technologically cutting edge in its adoption of current gadgetry and boardroom possibilities.

Come by and check it out for yourself. And while you’re at it, stop in and say hello! We’re way in the back, tucked away in our cozy little corner of this world we’ve created.

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