Chinburg Headquarters

After an extensive overhaul of the Newmarket Mill complex, a process that likely resulted in falling further in love with the property, the development company saw a unique opportunity for one special space.

Located at the end of the substantial brick mill, overlooking the falls and adjacent to a pedestrian walkway that had installed 10 years earlier, sat a double height space. Due to its location against the river, it sat over a lit lower level. The layout nearly solved itself. This lower level would house the offices design and finish library, a natural space to host condo buyers and walk them through the customization process. The upper floor, with its soaring ceilings, easily allowed for a clearstory level; a loft area where offices could be located, all looking out into the newly adapted brick shell. The space was a natural showpiece for a company founded on creatively adapting New England mills into living, working and recreation environments. It’s these buildings that continue to act as iconic backdrops for the popularity, growth and prosperity we experience along the New England coastline.

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"Jennifer Ramsey has been great to work with. She has a wonderful ability to design and come up with very creative solutions in a collaborative fashion. She has a great feel for space, materials and color. I never get tired of hearing people remark on how much they love the spaces within the Mill, and I get to work in the beautiful environment every day."

- Jen Chinburg Chinburg Properties August 14, 2014

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