Communities & Historical Districts

“We contribute to the future by designing in the present what is influenced by the past.”
–Grattan Gill

Many of our projects are sited in a historic district or a community with design guidelines. These are areas where the local municipality has determined it necessary to maintain a specific sense of place – an overlying symbiotic appearance. We respect communities who have chosen to employ these efforts, as much as we enjoy the challenges presented by a project that is free of such boundaries.

Our goal is always to create something appropriate to itself, its occupants and its surrounding context.

We believe a design can be evocative of tradition through its shape, materials and details, while still referencing its present time and place.

Equally, we’re not afraid of considering variations on an idea – of sidling up close to the traditional or moving further away. There are often times when it’s appropriate to create something to appear as if it’s always been there. There are also times when the juxtaposition of two pieces, each unique, yet complimentary, makes for the most exciting experience.

We find it lies in the space between these two ideals that the greatest conversations are had and design solutions rise to the surface.

We accept all challenges and enjoy contributing to the process and the ‘what ifs” that emerge.