Kennebunkport Kitchen

This unique property wasn’t always called home by its current “human” residents; a portion of it had been a horse stable during one of its incarnations. Knowing this, the home owner told us that hidden behind the sheetrock could be an old arched framework of the original stable door.

These are the gems we love to hear about as we embark on a project. Exposing and refurbishing this element became one the driving factors behind this kitchen renovation.

The goal would be to convert this narrow space with a strong statement feature into a seamless, functional modernized kitchen. Add to that the homeowner’s objectives for how this space would function and we had a good challenge ahead!

The kitchen would offer a small area to sit and eat, a place to work, proper storage and a connection, both visually and literally, to other areas of the home. It was to be the heart of the home without actually being positioned at the home’s center. Due to the age of the home, there were also some original structural constraints that kept us from going to that common “open-concept” answer. We couldn’t just omit walls.

The resulting space is both intimate, functional and lends to a feeling of centeredness while still remaining open to the adjacent family areas.

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