Real-Life Renderings of Working “Parkside” Architecture in Portsmouth

blog1Creative Collaboration with Tangram 3DS Leads to Supreme “Real-Life” Renderings of Working “Parkside” Architecture in Portsmouth

At SOMMA, we’re very transparent about our mission. We’re an architectural design firm constantly pushing the envelope of the limitless possibilities that can be achieved in our industry – from humble homes, to corporate projects (and everything in between). Opportunity is abound. As stated as a working piece of our mission, we believe design is best when collaborative. We’re in the business of creating, and we continually exercise the age-old conversation of problem solving.

Said collaboration is welcome not only with our clients, but also with those that walk in similar shoes. We love working with folks that are like-minded in the spread of architectural education. That said, we’d like to speak (write!) for a moment about a company we’ve done a lot of work with that are really pushing the bounds of presenting sound architecture ideas with their robust, ground-breaking tools.

Tangram 3DS is right down the street from the SOMMA Studios – Located in Kittery, Maine. Check out their website: The work speaks for itself.

In terms of our partnership with them, we’d love to share a working example of how Tangram is taking architectural ideas coming off the drafting table of SOMMA and putting it into real-life scenarios.

We recently designed the Parkside development that will soon take shape in downtown, Portsmouth. It’s a mixed-use property that includes twelve condominiums and two retail spaces. The building has been coined as “iconic” by many city officials during the design review process – which we’re humbled by. The question though is, how does it look as an actual working piece of Portsmouth’s landscape? How can you get a feel for a property that doesn’t actually exist? That’s where Tangram 3DS comes in.

Check out this video and get an idea of how you can showcase and position an architectural entity that takes an idea – a concept – and gives it life. Showcasing it in a way that makes it seem like it’s been a part of a town – of a working piece of the cultural fabric of said town – for a long, long time.

Having been involved in numerous downtown condominium developments since 2006, we recognize that the process of design has evolved into building a brand and promoting a lifestyle.  That’s what this tool is all about. To our knowledge, this video is the first of its kind to promote urban living in Portsmouth and the Seacoast of NH.

Watch the video and let us know what you think! We promise, you’ll be amazed (we’re still in awe)…