Q&A with Tangram 3DS – Part Two (of Two)

blog2SOMMA: What excites you about partnering with such firms as SOMMA?

Tangram: You really chose the right word there — it’s all about partnering. Working with a partner-client such as SOMMA is especially exciting because they are open to, and appreciate the extra lengths that we go to in trying to help them maximize the success of a project. We’re especially thrilled to be able to showcase services and visuals that go beyond the building, ultimately sharing a combined vision with the public in marketing the project. SOMMA was receptive to our suggestions and ideas for new approaches. They’re just cool people: very knowledgeable, forward-thinking and great client.

SOMMA: How are videos like the Parkside presentation revolutionizing the marketing abilities of Architecture Design?

Tangram: While our services have always been an important part of the planning, design and where applicable the approval process for the industries we typically serve, our videos are also now instrumental in pre-marketing units as the property is being built, and they are also used in public relations and to help demonstrate the transformative potential of a project such as Parkside. As our clients themselves have said, our work sets a high bar for everyone else to follow in the local real estate market, and it will change the way both commercial and residential brokers market their projects. Our holistic approach enables our architectural clients to sell not only the physical building, but the total environs, the lifestyle and feel of a region; spanning real estate, local commerce and more, our video engages the audience on multiple levels, appealing to their interests and concerns.

SOMMA: Construct the following list – Top Five Reasons to Consider Tangram 3DS.


  • 3D modeling and design studies: We create 3D models and help to point out design errors and details. We “build” the design, but in the computer environment.
  • Visualization and Renderings: These are used and needed for design studies of form, textures, materials. Before and After images help to show how a proposed building will look in the surrounding environment. These are essential in gaining design and zoning approvals.
  • Animation and walkthroughs: These simulate the walkthrough experience in a non-build environment. People call it a virtual tour but is it not actually virtual reality; it is a walkthrough animation. We produce the path and story and the viewer sees only that path and video tour.
  • Virtual reality: Moving through space in real time,the viewer can control where and how he wants to travel through the environment.
  • 3D gives development and construction projects, from a single building to urban planning and redesign, a competitive edge in the marketing of housing and commercial developments.

SOMMA: What are you hoping clients (and their clients) take with them when they experience one of Tangram 3DS’ renderings?

Tangram: We love seeing the “Wow” effect that our work often provokes! And we’re hoping that with the unveiling of our iDs suite of services, people will have the same “Wow” reaction to all that we offer!

SOMMA: Are there limits to what you can create?

Tangram: Yes, we can only get to a certain degree as close as possible to a Hollywood production! And because our standards for our clients are very high, it can be very difficult to find educated and skilled employee candidates, especially since emerging professionals tend to cluster around the big cities — but even firms in Boston and other major cities have trouble recruiting the right people. They just don’t know yet what they’re missing by not coming to Kittery! As a matter of fact, with some of the growth that we’re experiencing, we’re currently on the lookout for two amazing candidates: a sr. visualization artist and an interactive designer/developer.

SOMMA: What’s next for the company?

Tangram: In a nutshell, to recover from the economic crisis, to grow and expand into new areas, to hire more talent; to build out our superyacht market and our international work. And to keep on enjoying our work and every day we get to work and learn together.