Product Overview: Quiet Home Paints

blog5From time to time we like to rave about the products we’re using to aide in bringing our developments to life. It’s easy to show something on paper, and get a client excited about what teir prospective space/project could look like. It’s easier still when the partnerships you’re forging with the products you like to utilize consistently come out exactly as described.

One such element to many of our projects is color.

Let’s face it – A white box is boring. We like to bring color into our projects (especially the residential ones) because with color yields more life. How do we achieve color? Well, paint of course!

One purveyor of quality paints is from right here in Portsmouth: Quiet Home Paints. They are quietly one of the most brilliant companies in the industry today.

Some notes about Quiet Home Paints:

Completely Solvent and Toxin Free

Quiet Home Paints was expertly designed by color experts specifically for children’s spaces, giving it the added benefit of containing no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The paints are odorless, and solvent-free. As opposed to conventional paints, which contain solvents that cause irritation and serious health problems. Even paints in the industry marked as “low VOC” or “zero VOC” can still contain high quantities of these toxic chemicals.

Quiet Home Paints is made by the only paint manufacturer offering water based, solvent-free paints. You get the best of both worlds: a designer look and a healthy space.

What makes it green?

Quiet Home Paints consists of paints that eliminate the emission of VOCs, are odorless and contribute to better indoor air quality. What makes it green is really what goes into the paint and more importantly what stays out.

Here’s what we love about utilizing Quiet Home Paints:

  • They’re providing more of an education to the marketplace than everyone else. It’s easy to get confused at the paint store. Everyone seems to be offering a green paint that may stake a claim that it’s VOC free. What’s that? There a lot of different versions of what people think are green, and not all of them are actually green. Quiet Home Paints is completely green… The way that it’s handled, the way they sought out the manufacturer – it’s not in this country it’s somewhere else, because Quiet Home Paints defined more stringent regulations that would meet their needs that are not currently offered in the United States.
  • It’s like a micro brew. It’s a small batch production.
  • They’re a small business, a small group, and they can speak in simple terms and with ease on what they’re doing vs. what larger companies are doing. So people are getting a more authentic product and they’re getting an understanding about what’s in that product and what they’re putting on their walls, and how it’s different than someone else’s.
  • The way they’ve broken it down: Quiet Home Paints may offer 50-60 colors, but they’ve packaged them in easy to view suites with names evocative of a mood – ‘cabin’…. ‘nursery’. They eliminate the agony of wondering, ‘do these colors go together?’ They also make room for a bit of risk or whimsy, while also all being warm and inviting with a natural tendency behind them.
  • Back to local business: There’s something that comes from it being a locally owned business – a family business – a mother daughter arrangement. There’s something very authentic about that, and the founder’s background- she’s an artist! You’re getting the experience of someone who knows paint, the eye of a designer and the smarts to marry the two and make something exceptional and attainable. That in itself pushes the industry forward in a very progressive fashion.

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