Let’s talk about LOVE — #SOMMAlove

#SOMMAloveWhen SOMMA revamped its website in February, we wanted to share the love. Expanding upon the #PortsmouthLOVE hashtag that had been ebulliently encircling the city’s Twitter stream for about a year (Thanks, LaughterCrystal!), Jennifer Ramsey said, “Let’s do #SOMMAlove.” And it was done.

What, however, does SOMMA love?

That came straight from the head of the company, Jen.

On Feb. 7, SOMMA loved Nat King Cole. We chose the song “L-O-V-E” to feature along with Facebook and Twitter text: “The countdown begins #SOMMAlove”

Come Feb. 8, SOMMA loved “Cluster of Flowers,” sculptor Jim Love’s steel and cast-iron piece from 1958. The fist full of nuts and bolt flowers, cast a powerful mark.

Feb. 9, SOMMA’s Facebook feed featured a heart drawn in the snow, and “Hang in there! #SOMMAlove” in the text. With the Seacoast virtually enveloped in snow for the past week, the image and sentiment hit home.

One of Jen’s favorites, BigLoveBall.com was featured on Feb. 10 along with “We’re almost there! #SOMMAlove” There were so many terrific images submitted to the site featuring — what else — the Big Love Ball. Wonderful and fun.

On Feb. 11, SOMMA was, “So close, we can hardly stand it #SOMMAlove” and the image was an iconic conversation heart reading #LOVE.

And on Feb. 12, we hit the press. “Big #HERALDlove, click here: http://tinyurl.com/SOMMAlove” read the Facebook post featuring the image of the Portsmouth Herald article touting the new web site.

Come Valentine’s Day, we again celebrated SOMMA’s new website launch, this time with an image of The Pacific Princess, otherwise known as The Love Boat” and “Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody. www.sommastudios.com

Launch complete!