Here’s What You Didn’t Know


SOMMA founder and designer, Jen Ramsey and Georgie Girl at home. Photo courtesy of Topher Cox Photography for Bangor Savings Bank.

You can tell a lot about SOMMA from their website, but until now, you’d never see a photograph of its founder, designer Jennifer Ramsey. But, we didn’t stop at acquiring a terrific photograph (courtesy of Topher Cox Photography for Bangor Savings Bank, but that’s another story). We asked the burning questions. Read on:

Q: What are your three favorite apps on your phone right now?

A: Houzz, Flipboard and One Kings Lane

Q: If you could only eat one more meal at a restaurant in Portsmouth, what would it be and why?

A: This is a ridiculously tough one, but in thinking of some of my most memorable nights out, I am going to go with Mombo.

I’ve had so many great evenings there with friends, and even met new people there who have since become irreplaceable to me. As for what I would actually eat, those lamb lollipops are looking really enticing!

Q: I see a dog in the photograph with you. Is she yours, or a photo prop?

A: She’s all mine! That’s Georgie, aka ‘Georgie Girl’, my Rhodesian Ridgeback. Lucky for the photographer she’s a 100% ham when the camera is out.

Q: Tell us about the beautiful house you are sitting in. Is it yours?

A: It’s in Southern Maine, and yes it’s my home. However, I can’t take credit for the fantastic space, light and materials. This house has been a work in progress since the late ‘70s, the result of several great previous home owners. However, as you probably guessed, I have some of my own plans for this place. They are ‘on the boards’ as we like to say.

Q: What was the best way a client has ever said “thank you” to you?

A: Clients never cease to amaze me. When you work with someone on a project as personal as a home it’s easy to become well acquainted and friendly. I am always bowled over by the how gracious they are in thanking me after a project-simply in words! What I do comes relatively naturally, but to some, I’ve been told I have improved their daily activities, lifestyle or brought something new to the situation that they never even saw or considered.

I suppose the fact that we generate a considerable amount of new business from referrals is a sign.

Q: SOMMA has a happy logo. Did you create it?

A: A friend of mine developed the logo. She’s a graphic designer and one fabulous mom. Big shout out to ‘AK’.

Q: Which project has SOMMA worked on that seems to have garnered the most positive attention?

A: Though it may come as a surprise, 77 State St., Portsmouth, commonly referred to as ‘Wright Ave’ has had a tremendous amount of support. Like many projects being reviewed by the City boards, 77 State St. wasn’t without criticism, but if you don’t stir up a little attention, you haven’t done anything. Honestly, though, almost daily someone says something nice about the project or expresses an eagerness to see it complete. We will be under construction this summer and everyone will have a front row seat.

Q: What’s cooler, one of those fish houses by the beach, or a tree house you could live in year-round?

A: Definitely a fish house. Shhhh, I have a small fear of heights.

Q: On the opposite end of the size spectrum, what’s the largest house or business SOMMA has ever worked on?

A: We’ve worked on commercial projects upwards of 50,000 square feet which is A LOT of fish houses!

Q: When you are not totally focused on your business, what’s something we might find you doing?

A: I love to be active, cook, travel, and nothing soothes my mind like getting lost in a book store. However, without complaint and often, I do make an effort to be at Balance, a Women’s Gym here in Portsmouth. (Yes, that was a shameless promotion promised to a good friend, wink!)

Q: What two things about Jennifer Ramsey would it surprise us to know?

A: I went to Space Camp when I was a kid and I have a slightly troubling affection for Marshmallow Fluff!


As always, learn more about SOMMA Studios LLC, 117 Bow St., Portsmouth, 766-3760,